16 Best Street Food Dishes You Must Try

Best Street Food Dishes


Street food is the heartbeat of culinary exploration, offering a kaleidoscope of flavours, aromas, and textures that captivate the senses. In this post, we embark on a global journey to discover the best street food dishes that stand as culinary gems in diverse corners of the world. From the bustling streets of Asia to the vibrant markets of South America, these dishes are not just meals; they are cultural experiences that tell the tales of their origins.

Asia: A Symphony of Flavors

Pad Thai (Thailand)
Indulge in the sweet, sour, and savoury symphony of Thailand’s iconic street food, Pad Thai. Discover the secrets behind its unique flavours and the best street vendors to experience this culinary masterpiece.

Banh Mi (Vietnam)
Vietnam’s Banh Mi is a fusion of French and Vietnamese culinary influences, encapsulated in a perfect baguette. Dive into the world of Banh Mi variations and explore the diverse regional renditions.

Middle East: A Feast for the Senses

Falafel (Israel)
The crispy exterior and flavorful interior of falafel make it a staple in Middle Eastern street food. Uncover the origin of this chickpea delight and the array of sauces and toppings that elevate its taste.

Shawarma (Lebanon)
Take a flavorful journey with Lebanon’s Shawarma, where marinated meat meets the vertical rotisserie. Delve into the world of shawarma fillings and the delicious dressings that make this dish an international favourite.

Europe: Street Eats with a European Twist

Churros (Spain)
From Spanish fiestas to street corners, churros are a fried dough delight. Explore the traditional dipping options that accompany these sugary treats and learn where to find the best churros.

Gyros (Greece)
Transport yourself to the streets of Greece with Gyros, a mouthwatering combination of grilled meat, pita, and flavorful sauces. Unravel the variations of Gyros across different regions in Greece.

North America: A Melting Pot of Street Flavors

Tacos (Mexico)
Mexico’s gift to the street food world, tacos, are a canvas for diverse fillings and flavours. Discover the versatility of taco fillings and the variations between street-style and traditional tacos.

Hot Dogs (United States)
Explore the regional styles of hot dogs in the United States, where toppings and condiments vary from city to city. From Coney Island to Chicago, the humble hot dog becomes a symbol of culinary diversity.

Street Food
Street Food

South America: Street Food Fiesta

Arepa (Colombia/Venezuela)
Corn-based and filled with goodness, the Arepa is a street food sensation in Colombia and Venezuela. Dive into the various fillings and accompaniments that make each Arepa unique.

Empanadas (Argentina)
Argentina’s Empanadas are pastry pockets filled with savoury delights. Explore the different types of empanadas and the flavorful fillings that distinguish this South American street food.

Africa: Street Bites with a Local Twist

Bunny Chow (South Africa)
Originating from the streets of Durban, Bunny Chow is a unique presentation of curry served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread. Delve into the history and variations of this South African street food.

Suya (Nigeria)
Nigeria’s Suya takes grilled meat to a whole new level with its skewers and signature spice. Learn about the Suya spice and the popular side dishes that accompany this flavorful delight.

Southeast Asia: A Culinary Adventure

Satay (Indonesia)
Indonesia’s Satay brings grilled skewers and flavorful marinades to the streets. Dive into the world of Satay, explore popular accompaniments like peanut sauce, and uncover the variations across Indonesia.

Halo-Halo (Philippines)
Cool off in the Philippines with Halo-Halo, a shaved ice dessert that’s a mix of various ingredients. Explore the layers and variations in Halo-Halo recipes for the perfect tropical treat.

Oceania: Sweets from Down Under

Pavlova (Australia/New Zealand)
Pavlova, a meringue-based dessert, is a sweet creation that has become a symbol of both Australia and New Zealand. Discover the art of creating Pavlova and explore the various fruits and cream toppings.

Hangi (New Zealand)
New Zealand’s Hangi is a traditional Maori method of cooking, resulting in a feast of earthy flavours. Uncover the key ingredients and cultural significance of this unique street food experience.

Tips for Trying the Best Street Food Dishes Abroad

  • Embrace the Local Experience
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture by trying street food where the locals eat.
  • Observe Popular Vendors and Queues
  • Follow the crowds – they often lead to the best street food vendors.
  • Consider Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Prioritize hygiene when indulging in street food to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


As we conclude this post on the best street food dishes globally, we’ve only scratched the surface of the rich tapestry of flavours that street food offers. From savoury to sweet, each dish tells a story of cultural heritage and culinary creativity. Embark on your own street food adventure, whether it’s in the bustling markets of Asia, the vibrant streets of South America, or the diverse corners of your own city.